Magnetic Dispenser & ToothBrush Holder

$46.99 $69.99

Keep Things Neat, Tidy And Clean !

Mornings can be hectic! Count on this Magnetic Toothbrush Rack to keep everyone calm and organized. A clever wall mount design, toothpaste dispenser and toothpaste holder, it keeps everyday essentials within easy reach and includes toothbrush holders and separate magnetic rinse cups.


A bathroom accessories set that is of Simple design and Convenient and , magnetically holds up rinsing cup, toothbrush storing, phone holder, cleansing soap or liquid with cosmetics drawer altogether in a single rack wall mounted toothbrush holder. This Automatic dispenser is better that regular dispenser with a storage rack  for space saving !


  • The magnetic suction cup suspended upside down without water
  •  Punch-free installation, no damage to the wall surface, firm adhesion, strong bearing capacity
  • Multi-functional storage rack, top shelf + grooved compartment + drawer design, neatly stored, more convenient

1. When installing the sticker of Toothbrush Holder on wall, first wipe the surface of the wall, then squeeze the air between the sticker and the wall, Do not remove the sticker for repeated installation.
2. It's best not to hang anything within 24 hours after sticking.
3. Empty the air inside the toothpaste, then push the pump 5-10 times.
4. Please note that the set you choose is correct.

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