Lively™ Clear Night Vision Scope - Digital Night Vision IR Optics

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Level Up the Hunting Game at Night as Well!

Our Digital Night Vision IR Optics Scope allows you to operate at night without alerting game to your location or even to your presence, this makes hunting at night so much easier than when using visible light as your quarry can grow accustomed to the light from a normal lamp and learn to shy away from it. 

✔Keep Your Land Safe + Secure
✔Record HD Videos & Photos
✔Easily Fits 
✔Increase Accuracy & Precision
✔Hunt Without Alerting Game
Night Hunting Made Simple


Our newest feature released in 2021! Instantly capture high-quality videos & photos to share.

We open up a whole world of opportunities for shooting at night, giving you a higher success rate, allowing you to enjoy hunting day & night, and also, helping you save thousands of dollars by preventing these pests from causing everlasting damage to your property.


Lively™ Clear Night Vision Scope offers sharp hi-resolution night vision in complete pitch black darkness.


4.3-inch screen that makes hunting in the night that much easier. Adjustable brightness and contrastCrosshairs on screen gives you pin point accuracy on the target.


Powered by 3MP 16mm HD Infrared lens, our camera provides sharp and clear image both during day as well as night time.


Night Vision Scope can be easily switch between day (Color) and night mode (IR monochrome) with one button.


Night Vision™ Scope 850nm series infrared torch provides better night vision range and clarity than most other IR lights available elsewhere.



Infrared is not visible to naked eyes so you get complete stealth in the dark.


Extremely high definition 4.3-inch screen that makes hunting in the night that much easier. Adjustable brightness and contrast to suit your needs. Cross hairs on screen gives you pin point accuracy on the target.


Includes multiple scope attachments and protective tape. Ideal for a wide variety of uses such as surveillance, nighttime hunting wildlife observation and exploring caves.


Our Night vision scope kit can be easily assembled on most riflescope with simple operation. Instructions are sent via email for every order. You don’t need to be a tech savvy to set it up. It is really straight forward and simple. QUALITY THAT LASTS

Night Vision Scope is built with High-Quality steel & polycarbonate material to ensure life long reliability.

What's Included in the Box?

  •  Night Vision Camera
  •  Eyepiece Tube
  •  850nm IR Torch
  •  Hi-Definition Screen
  •  Mounts & Accessories (Batteries not included)



    Objective lens diameter:16
    Model: NV1000
    Operating Voltage: 4.2
    Weight: 0.86
    Product Size: 20*20*14
    Type: Infrared night vision


    What size scope will it this fit on?

    The Night Vision™ PRO can easily fit most scopes up to 45mm diameter.

    How far can you see in complete darkness?

    You can see clearly up to 200-300 yards (900-1,000 ft.) with the infrared light in total darkness.

    What kind of recoil can this device handle?

    Designed to withstand heavy recoil and shock. We recommend using it up to .308 caliber. Make sure it is mounted securely as per the instructions.

    My scope doesn't have objective lens. Will I still be able to get a clear view through my scope?

    Yes, it will work just fine. The night vision camera can see exactly your eye's view.

    Does it comes with setup instructions? 

    User manual and step-by-step installation video tutorial are included for every order. We also have a full Help Center with detailed guides for setup.

    Where is it shipped out from?

    We have multiple warehouses around globe. Orders are shipped according to the destination and availability at our warehouses.

    What is the current delivery time?

    Most orders are delivered within 7-18 business days depending on the location with Free Shipping. You may also opt for Express Shipping at checkout for faster delivery.

    Does it include a guarantee/warranty?

    The Night Vision™ Scope PRO comes with 14-day replacement guarantee for any hardware issues/defects. Contact us if you experience any problem with your order or Visit our Return Policy

    Can it be returned if I don't like it?

    Customer satisfaction in out #1 priority. Please contact us within 14 days after delivery if you feel it's not a good fit for you. We'll help you send it back. Visit Return Policy fore more Info.

    What type of light does it use?

    The light is an 850nm infrared light and is not visible to the naked eye. It is not a regular flashlight. You may only see a warm red glow to indicate that the light is on.