Lively™ Luxury Weighted Blanket

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Who don't want to Reduce Stress and Promote Deep Sleep these holidays? A Lack of Sleep might affect your mind & Daily Life !

Lively™ Weighted Blanket is FDA certified engineered to help you relax and sleep better. A Heavy Blanket is a modern take on the traditional comforter, this beautifully quilted heavy weighted blanket makes for a perfectly soft, and lightweight layer for your bed all year round!

Give you better sleep:
Weighted Gravity Blanket offers DPS(Deep Pressure Stimulation) by distribute its weight evenly on your body like someone is hugging you. Weighted Blanket for anxiety really helps ease anxiety, relax your mind, also helps you fall asleep and improve your sleep quality. Weighted Heavy Blankets for adults are available as : 15 lbs. weighted blanket & 20 lbs. weighted Blanket
Glass Beads Technology:
Glass beads are sewn into individual pockets and surrounded by soft, light fiberfill to eliminate noisy shifting while you sleep. Heaviest Weighted Blanket is a weighted comforter and a dreamland sleepsack.
Evenly-Distributed Weight:
Multiple layers design comfortably surround your body and form to your shape which help you have a nice sleep every night.
All-Natural Sleep Therapy:
This Best Weighted blanket provides the gentle sensation of being hugged or held, which can help to relieve anxiety and improve sleep quality.
Used for all-season.
This Blanket can be used for all season, it won't be hot in summer and will be very warm in winter due to the special technology !
Breathable Fabric 

How to choose:
  • Choose the weighted blanket weighs 8%-10% of your body weight and a lighter one for the first try.
  • This 46" x 72" 15 lbs. blanket is suitable for 100 lbs. - 180 lbs. individual and For a Twin size or Full size bed.

  • 60" x 80" 20 lbs. blanket is suitable for 180 lbs. - 240 lbs. individual and For a Queen size or King size bed.

  • Do not use for children under 5 years old.



Size: 48''x72" (122cm x183cm) , 60''x80''(152cm x203cm)
Weight: 15lbs (7kg)/ 20lbs(9kg)
Department: Adults, Teens
Material: Polyester, Glass bead
Insulation: All Seasons
Color: Dark Gray
Type: Weighted Blanket
Feature: Machine Washable, Breathable, Hypoallergenic
USE for Room: Bedroom, Any Room, Guestroom, Children's Room, Living Room
Package Includes: 1 x Lively™ Luxury Weighted Blanket